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GTA San Andreas Apk

GTA San Andreas Apk is another popular legendary GTA amazing platform. The amazing story is designed with HD graphics, and with high performance. The latest version of the story is a role-playing game that has motivated millions of people who have become a fan of it. 

The simple outstanding story of the game is similar to GTA South Africa engaging the players for hours. The game will offer you the chance to fight with enemies to kill them. The gameplay provides everything to make your free time more fun such as weapons, vehicles, Helicopters, and explosives and allows you to show your fighting abilities and skills. You can get unlimited money, and explore the open world. 

GTA San Andreas latest version will allow you to make your big properties like GTA Mzansi Apk.  It is an Android 4.4+ app you can easily control on your device. The whole story of the game revolves around the boy named Carl Johnson who is the main character of the game. 

The player will find his enemies from everywhere. He will fight with them and will try hard to defeat them. The new story of the gameplay is challenging because you have to kill unlimited enemies. Players fight with gangs in the big city and even enter buildings to defeat enemies.

Gta san andreas apk download hack allows the players to drive Cars, Fly Helicopters, and ride bikes. Missions of the gameplay will engage the gamers to get unlimited rewards. If you want to download this application, then get the latest version from the free download link placed at the right top, free of cost.

What is GTA San Andreas Apk?

GTA san andreas apk + OBB is an outstanding story-based online video game developed by Rockstar Games. The name Grand Theft Auto is very famous. I think that all online gamers are familiar with this name.  Here we are presenting another amazing story game to action simulation games, GTA san andreas apk vision Millions of fans of this game have fun playing it in their free time.  The gameplay is about Carl Johnson, who is from Los Santos. 

Players will get more than 200 cars, 100 bikes, bicycles, trains, buses, and also helicopters in the game to defeat enemies. You can also get guns, explosives, and other weapons to defeat opponents. 

There are police and police vehicles in the game that will wander the whole city. In GTA san andreas apk mod2023, you will have fun with friends by making gangs, eating food, shopping, smoking, getting tattoos, and much more. 

GTA San Andreas File the new version of the game has different missions such as getting weapons from the soldiers by killing them, stealing their weapons and putting them in your vehicle, and running away from there. 

The gamers will also get missions like Robbery missions, Sweet missions, big Smoke missions, and C.R.A.S.H missions, in the game. players will get a maximum of 100 missions in the game. You will also get mini-games to play to have fun. 

The missions in the game need different skills and abilities to complete them. You will get familiar with the whole city by driving vehicles and flying in helicopters. The game is designed with high graphics, colorful, enjoyable, and other unique features. The latest version of the game supports different languages such as German, Russian, English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

The storyline of the GTA San Andreas Apk:

The game has a short and Fabulous storyline, which is easy to understand. In this mod game, a young boy and the main character Carl Johnson had left his home because of criminals, and gangs. After a few years when he came back to Los Santos, San Andreas he heard about his mother’s death, and that she was murdered by gangs. 

The whole city was full of corruption, Illegal gangs, drugs, murders, injustice, and many more bad things. The condition of the city was out of control. When Carl Johnson came to the police for justice, no one helped him. Then he appealed for justice and asked the police for help to save his family.

Defeat Enemies with Weapons

GTA San Andreas Mod Apk is a role-playing game that allows players to fight with unlimited enemies. The game allows you to use unlimited advanced weapons. In this game, players will get more than 30 different weapons. You will use Riffle, Silenced pistol, Shotgun, Combat shotgun, Knife, Micro SMG, Tear gas, Frag Grenade, Fire Extinguisher, and many more to fight against opponents. Players will also upgrade their weapons to defeat opponents.


The game will allow players to drive different vehicles during the GTA San Andreas battle. The latest version of the mod game has vehicles that look like real vehicles. The gamer can get and enjoy Bicycles, Bikes, Cars, Buses, Trains, and Helicopters. These vehicles in the game are stolen vehicles. Players will drive them across the whole city to find their opponents, and defeat them.  

Drive the cars on the road to find your enemies to kill them. Players can also fly the Helicopter over the City, in this way they can easily find their opponents and also explore the places.

Open World Game

GTA cheats san andreas apk is an open-world game that allows the player to go anywhere in San Andreas. You will use the vehicles in the game to go anywhere without any restrictions. In this way, the gamer will explore the whole city. You can even enter the houses to fight opponents, and you will get familiar with the luxury houses. You can explore the three main Cities Los Santos, Las Andreas, and San Fierro.

GTA San Andreas Apk Mod Missions List

The game will offer you different missions to complete. These missions will make your game challenging for you. You will get over 100 missions to complete. The game is lengthy and takes more than 25 hours to complete. If you want to become an expert player you will try all missions otherwise it will depend on you whether you are interested in completing them or not. The missions in the game are such as learning to fly, black project, Verdant Meadows, Drive–thru, Robbing Uncle Sam, Running Dog, House party, first date, 555 we tip, Snail killa, Test drive, highjack, explosive situation, freefall, homecoming, and many more. Complete these missions, and get rewards.

Make your Own Properties

This game will allow you to make your properties such as filling your garage with luxury vehicles. You can get Cars, Bikes, Bicycles, Taxis, Trains, Ambulances, and many more in the game. The game will offer you unlimited money by completing missions in the game. You will take part in the missions and make money. The GTA San Andreas map will provide you with maps that will help you to find enemies and will give you a chance to attack houses and rob cash from them. The other way of making money in the game is to kill the Drug dealers in the cities and get their cash.

Change your Original Look

After making property now you will enjoy your life. You will go on shopping and buy clothes, and shoes then cut your hair in a new style, and make your favorite tattoos. Now you will look like a handsome boy. 

The game will allow you to go to gems and get exercise to take care of your health.  The gamer will also make your girlfriends and go on dates with them. You can also eat food to maintain your health. You will also get mini-games to have fun.

How to Free Download GTA San Andreas Mod Menu Apk?

This application is safe to download. You don’t need to do hard work to get it on your device. If you want to get it on your device then follow the given steps one by one.

  • First of all, go to the “settings” of your device.
  •  Go to “security” to allow unknown sources.
  • Now download this application from the link given at the top of this page.
  • Wait for the complete download of the app.
  • Then click on the app for installation.
  • Wait and get it on your Android and iSO app

Download Information

File name  GTA San Andreas Apk
Version V2.10
File type Apk 
File size  57.2 MB
Developer Rockstar Games
Requirement Android 5 and above 


GTA San Andreas Apk Cheats is an interesting story-based game that allows you to play with your enemies to defeat them badly. In the latest version of the GTA game, the main character is Carl Johnson who was frustrated because of the condition of the city when he came back after a long time.  After the big loss in his family, he returned to his city for justice. He has started his battle and gets help from his friend. 

In the mod menu game, the player will get unlimited weapons and vehicles to defeat enemies. It will offer you different main missions, mini-games, and many other activities to complete. 

The player will complete missions and get unlimited money and properties. Then he will change his status by changing his original look and making girlfriends and also going on dates with them. You can download it without spending a single penny. You can get more free online games from our website. Don’t forget to share this app. Thank you.

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